Other PC Problems Services

Router Set-Up

Need to set up broadband router, wired or wireless!


Your internet connection keeps dropping!


Worried that your internet security may be compromised!


Want to ensure your online shopping is safe and secure!


Want to secure your data against unauthorised access from within or outside your network!


Want to set-up parental controls to provide your children a safe web experience!


We can setup your wireless router providing you internet connection anywhere in your home or office, without any unsightly cables.

We can also setup a wired network at your premises if your needs require so.


We won't stop at that leaving you vulnerable to security threats which are so common these days. We will secure your wired or wireless network so that you can surf the web with complete peace of mind.


And if you have multiple PCs, we can set up the network so that you can access files on a PC from any other PC. And if you have a printer, it can be shared amongst all your PCs. No need to buy separate printers for each PC.


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