Other PC Problems Services

Data Recovery

You accidentally deleted your data or even formatted the disk and need your files back!


You want to back up your precious data to protect against any disaster!


You want to transfer your music and photos from your old PC to the new one!


You can rely on us for your all data related needs. Our data services will safely, securely and completely recover, backup and/or transfer your music, movies, photos, personal files and business data to your complete satisfaction.


You may also be interested in data backup on an ongoing basis, so that if you lose data on your PC, you are not left stranded and have a backup elsewhere that you can readily access. For this we offer Network Attached Storage (NAS) which in simplest term is an external storage in its own small box connected to your home or office internet router and a mains power supply. All your data on your PC will be automatically backed up to this device without any prompt from yourself.


This will allow you to:


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